About Us

House of Geek is an online blog from India, that publishes brilliant, insightful and exciting stories on technology, innovation, lifestyle and culture, for the tech-frenzy urban youth!

House of Geek - About Us
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House of Geek has a bunch of crazy individuals with an aim to thrive at the crossroads of technology, business, innovation, lifestyle and culture. You name it, we got it. It’s only the stuff that matters.

The main goal is to go deep and tell the stuff that matters beyond the news, show how all of these are changing lives, and help our readers by making things work for them. Also, we share stories of people and businesses that are doing awesome things!

We all live in the Netflix era. Let’s all agree that Winter is here. Be it Game of Thrones, or West World, we got all the theories you can think of! Oh, and the one’s you don’t. Entertainment guaranteed.

India runs on chai. But do you know what else India runs on? Cricket and Football. Dhoni vs Kohli? CR7 vs Messi?  We got it all.

What goes with all of these? Of course, it’s Food. It’s always food you guys! Look out for some mouth watering recipes, and reviews! We are really excited to introduce this niche!

We hope you guys have fun reading this blog, and more importantly learn something new!

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