App of the Week: Picniic aims to get your family life in order

This week’s App of the Week is designed to move family management off the fridge and onto the phone or tablet.

Picniic is a family assistant, that aims to improve your everyday life by bringing all your activities and data together in one place. It’s more like a “family operating system”, which puts everything a family needs in one convenient place.

For busy parents in this modern world, keeping up with family matters is a herculean task. A whole lot of work, but very little progress. The chores don’t get done, schedules clash and birthdays are forgotten. Picniic actively seeks to solve problems for families, and is a sort of Swiss Army Knife for keeping your family organised.

It’s got everything that’s required for a family to be an efficient machine in constant sync. The features include a shared family calendar to keep track of your family’s events, shared to-do’s and lists, meal planner to schedule meals and also an info locker to store everything from your medical to house info. The family locator feature can be used to check in and share your location with the family.The family news feed lets everyone know when a new task has been added or completed, and it also functions as a group chat.

So, all in all, this is a must try app for everyone to keep a family organised, rather than using a family Whatsapp group!


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