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Bicycle Sharing Platforms For A Greener Future

Bicycle Sharing Platforms For A Greener Future

Bicycle sharing seems to be the latest trend right now! With metro cities getting crowded day by day, these bike-sharing ventures aim to make our daily commute more affordable,...

Sharing Your Netflix Passwords With Friends? AI Can Now Track Illegal Sharing Of Accounts!

Howdy folks! I'm sure everyone's aware about CES 2019 that's happening in Las Vegas right now! So many cool things were unveiled this year, including a flying car, a...
Space 2019

The Major Space Missions To Look Out For In 2019.

Hello folks! Firstly, Happy New Year! Its been two awesome years of House of Geek! I would like to take a moment to thank everyone for your marvellous support!
Project Loon

Google’s Solution for African Internet – BalLOONs!

It has always been a big challenge to bring fast, widespread internet to rural Africa, with the hope of connecting it to the rest of the world! Many companies have tried—and...
Spray on Antennas

Spray-on Antennas Will Revolutionise IoT!

Not so long ago, we read about something called the 'Spray-on Jeans'. it looks like this bizarre, yet innovative theme has finally caught the attention of silicon valley geeks. Yep, I'm...

The Secret Internet Arms Race Is Real!

Would you believe me if I say companies all over the world are waging a secret invisible data war online? Well, don't be surprised. This was bound to happen. Oh, and you're...
Internet Blocked

The Internet Or Social Media Blocked In Your Country? Here Is How You Can...

Internet blocked and social media not accessible? Yeah, that's right. Sounds absurd? Stop joking! Well guys, I'm not joking. Net Neutrality is no longer going to be a priority for any...
Artificial Intelligence in Finance Sector

How Artificial Intelligence Can Impact The Insurance Industry!

So the buzz on Artificial Intelligence is very, very real! I keep hearing that Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are the future. WAKE UP! It's THE PRESENT. AI and machine learning...
Times Internet MX Player

Why Did Times Internet Pay Rs 1,000 Crore For MX Player?

You would have probably read or heard about the acquisition of the South Korean media player by Times Internet, for $140 million. It is probably the biggest acquisition by an Indian...

Is Instagram’s IGTV a big threat to YouTube?

Instagram has always been one of the underdogs when it comes to social media. Ever since it was launched, Instagram has grown exponentially, with potentially a billion active users monthly! In...