Nokia’s Predictive Machine Learning Solution to be deployed by Airtel

Telecom services provider Bharti Airtel announced that it is collaborating with Nokia to deploy the latter’s hybrid self-organising networks (SON) solution to improve its operational efficiency and service quality.

The solution uses predictive Machine Learning (ML) and interworks with analytics platforms, enabling the operator to take proactive action to optimise network utilisation and improve user experience.

Airtel’s Abhay Savargaonkar, Director-Networks, said in a statement that it’s planning to take SON to the next level by integrating it with other data sources and ML capabilities, enabling them to proactively address network performance dips and outages even before a customer experiences them.

Nokia’s SON solution comprises Nokia EdenNet SON software integrated with Airtel’s multi-vendor radio network fabric, improves network performance by automatically identifying and resolving network issues and managing network capacity in real-time.

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