Howdy folks! I’m sure everyone’s aware about CES 2019 that’s happening in Las Vegas right now! So many cool things were unveiled this year, including a flying car, a boxing robot and a Google Assistant ride. Yep, technology is getting crazier every year! I’ll be talking about a few cool things that’s worth checking out in the upcoming posts!

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CES 2019

So, how many of y’all share your Netflix password among your buddies? Is your Netflix subscription, for instance, driving the ‘Netflix and Chill’ routines for your friends too? This might be saving everyone some money and building unbreakable friendships too in the process. But I assure you, sharing your credentials could soon be much harder to get away with.

A UK video software company called ‘Synamedia‘ unveiled a creepy, yet cool new AI-powered system designed to track and crack down on account sharing. This is going to help service providers, for instance, streaming platforms such as Netflix, HBO Go to track down illegal sharing of login credentials.

What is it called?

The new AI solution to a persistent problem is called ‘Credentials Sharing Insight‘. First, it analyses data of all users once a streaming service or a service provider gives access to the subscriber data. The solution can detect & identify casual password sharing between friends and family, as well as organised selling of web credentials by various individuals and organisations online.

How does it work?

Synamedia’s Credentials Sharing Insight uses behavioral analytics and machine learning to keep tabs on credentials-sharing activity across streaming services. According to Synamedia, its solution looks at a range of factors before taking a call whether illegal password sharing is happening or not. These factors include where an account is being accessed from, the changes in location, what time its used and for what duration, simultaneous logins, the kind of contents being watched in different devices and so on! Phew…that’s a lot!

Sharing & Behavioral Analytics
Behavioral Analytics

Synamedia’s new AI isn’t just for small-time fee avoiders. Additional research from Parks Associates found that by 2021, credentials sharing will account for $9.9 billion of losses in pay-TV revenues and $1.2 billion of over-the-top (OTT) revenues. The services that would be hit with revenue loss include Netflix, Amazon Video, HBO Now for instance, as well as potentially the upcoming video streaming services from Apple and Walt Disney. The company says the system can also be used to track down large-scale for-profit operations to slash the losses.

That’s all for now folks! I’ll keep you posted as to when this is going to roll out..which is going to be soon! Follow me on Twitter here




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