Summer-2019 is going to be when SpaceX is finally going to send its astronaut crew into space. The private space transportation company is going to be the first of its kind to send man to space.

The crew consists of four astronauts who will be flying the Crew Dragon, a variant of the Cargo Capsule that is used for sending supplies to the space station. The Crew Dragon was initially designed in mid-2015 to provide a pleasant ride and a mesmerizing view of the Earth, the Moon and the solar system through its windows to its passengers.

Meet the Crew

Victor Glover, Robert L Behnken, Mike Hopkins and Douglas Hurley

Douglas G Hurley, Robert L. Behnken (Bob), Mike Hopins and Victor Glover are the astronauts who are going to make history as the first crew to be a part of Commercial Crew Program.

Douglas, a 52-year-old former marine, joined NASA in 2000. He served as a pilot on two missions where he delivered experiment equipment for International Space Station.

Bob had also joined NASA in 2000, where he was part of couple Space Transportation System (STS) crews. He had served as an aquanaut in the NEEMO 11 mission, during which he lived and worked underwater for seven days. He was named Chief of the Astronaut Office in July 2012 at the age of 46.

Mike Hopkins, a Stanford graduate served in U.S. Air Force as a flight test engineer. In 2009, he joined NASA and made his first spaceflight as a flight engineer in 2013.

Victor J. Glover is a commander in the U.S. navy but a newbie to space, SpaceX’s Dragon Crew program will be his first mission to space.

One of the major hurdles a crew faces is getting along with each other, however this crew isn’t going to face that, as Douglas and Bob have worked
together on a couple of projects during their days at NASA.

Recently, Musk had changed his firm’s advisor from Goldman Sachs Inc. and chose Bank of America. The switch surprised bankers and investors as Goldman Sachs helped take Tesla Inc. public in 2010 and led it’s $1.8 billion bond sale and advised Musk on various other issues.

Meanwhile, SpaceX is downsizing its 6,000-employee workforce by 10% to become a leaner company. SpaceX president Gwynne Shotwell sent out an email to employees about them being laid off saying it was a “difficult but necessary” action.

The news about recession has kept one question running in the minds of SpaceX fans : Will SpaceX astronauts fly this summer?


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