Hey, what’s up, everyone. I hope social distancing is treating you well. Yeah, boredom is inevitable. But, no other go! Let’s stay indoors and be safe! And with the current Covid-19 pandemic, there’s a surge in the number of fake news that is being forwarded on WhatsApp. Fake news, misinformation, and rumors often loom large on social media, spreading panic among people. The circulation of wrong information has spiked with the increase in coronavirus cases. It’s really difficult to verify the authenticity of such “forwards”.

Well, Facebook-owned WhatsApp finally has a solution to curb this issue! To ensure that misinformation does not lead to mass hysteria, WhatsApp is working on a new feature that will enable users to verify and cross-check forward messages! Ain’t that cool?

The upcoming feature will allow you to search for ‘Frequently Forwarded Messages’. When a user forwards a message to another more than five times, it is indicated with a double arrow icon on the app. Since you are not aware of the original sender, it is right to double-check the content of the message!

How does this new WhatsApp feature work?

When the feature is introduced, and once you receive a message that has been forwarded multiple times, you will be able to see a “magnifying glass” icon right next to it.

On tapping this icon, WhatsApp will allow you to search this information on the internet. In this way, you will be able to check & verify its authenticity. So essentially, if you permit WhatsApp to search, the message will be uploaded and searched on Google. The feature will also have an option by which you can cancel the search!

As per a source from the internet, this new feature is still in its testing phase and will be soon introduced to end-users. Like always, this feature is expected to first roll-out to Android users! *Bias? No idea*

Stay tuned for more updates on this folks! Let me know other features that could be added to fact-check such “forwards” in the comments below!

Stay safe. Stay indoors. Practice social distancing. We will get through this! Peace!

WhatsApp ad campaign urges its Indian users to share joy and not rumours!
WhatsApp ad campaign urges its Indian users to share joy and not rumors.


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